Prof. M. B. Awolola

    Message from the Founder

    Welcome to World Vision Theological Seminary. Grace and love be multiplied unto you in the most precious name of our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your interest in WOVITHSEM. In the heart of every person is a great desire to be used of God. Have you thought how much God wants to use you? But, it does take a step of faith for you to prepare yourself to be used of God. World Vision Theological Seminary, born of the Spirit, is designed so that Holy Spirit will unfold to you the rich treasures of God’s Word.  

    It will guide you into living a life of realities as doctrine is turned into truth, then Multiplied and expressed in service meet for the Master’s use in these last days. Our Students are given every opportunity to obtain quality education at tertiary level in accordance with the scriptures. They are stimulated to think about the great issues of life such as purpose. Morality, and valve as revealed to humankind through the Holy Scriptures, through the natural creation, through human history and ultimately in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

    Remember, this is “Consummation age” it is not a revival time. It is harvest time and God has been training harvesters. How true! The Word says, “pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers” We welcome you to WORLD VISION where JESUS IS REAL and it is with expectancy in our heart that God will do the same for you as He has done for others. Pursue that burden and hunger to be used of God, for I do trust your time of studies with us will be a most mutually rewarding time to us all. PREPARE FOR IT!!!

    Our Specialised Programmes

    Enrol into any of our programmes and become what the Lord wants you to be, geeting the right knowledge and education for your calling

    Certificate Programmes

    These Certificate programmes are the basic building block for theological and biblical studies and essential for everyone.

    Diploma Programmes

    These Diploma programmes are targeted towards ministers and individuals looking to understand theology and ministry.

    Bachelor Programmes

    These programmes give the students extensive knowledge in theology, biblical leadership, ministry, and Christian education.

    Masters' Programmes

    These postgraduate degrees are directed to experienced ministers and theologians for further Christian education.

    Doctoral Programmes

    These are advanced programmes that give deeper understanding of all biblical, ministerial and theological truths for your calling.

    Research Programmes

    We value research and the Centre for Biblical Research and Business Education (CENBRABED) is your best place to start your research.


    The World Vision Theological Seminary serves as an external campus for the School of Ministries in Southampton, United Kingdom.

    World Vision Theological Seminary is responsible for running Certificate and Diploma Programmes in Biblical Studies for the School of Ministries, UK in Ibadan, Nigeria.


    Are you called or interested to become a Biblical Researcher and Philosopher?

    World Vision Theological Seminary is an affiliate of the African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE) for research articles submission and publication of Christian, biblical and Kingdom papers.

    Kingdom Studies and Education

    The African Journal of Kingdom Education invites every kingdom writer and researcher to publish their work and findings in its jounral.

    Biblical Research and Philosophy

    Institutions have dedicated years studying Business Theology, but we bring out the Biblical realities of business.

    Pastoral and Theological Studies

    The African Journal of Kingdom Education permits the submission of research articles in pastoral counselling and theological studies.

    The World Vision Theological Seminary is duly and legally certified by the Association of Christian Theologians (ACTS) as an accredited Theological Seminary in Nigeria.

    World Vision Theological Seminary is accredited to offer Diploma programmes through Bachelors to Doctorate and can award their certificates for each programme respectively.

    Some Insights into World Vision Theological Seminary

    We have been training and building men and women for the work of the Kingdom. Our mission is to educate believers to know God excellently.

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